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Wilson Wonderground Castle Ready for Action, November 2012

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Money Ball Sale at Aerosol Warfare Gallery

Now offering art adjustment services!

Mr. Eliminator's first paying project!

Mystery Object Stand, Discovery Green Park March 17, 2012

What's inside?

Old Junk Art Center, Albany, TX, February 2012

Mr. Eliminator: Artworks Altered, Amended and Recontextualized While U Wait
at Spacetaker's Winter Holiday Art Market, Nov. 19-21, 2011

Bill Davenport And the Golden Treasures of the Pharaohs at the MAC, Dallas, Sept 17-Oct 22, 2011

Deux Buffet: Mini Golf at Discovery Green Park

Giant Mushroom Forest at Auditorium Shores Park, Austin, TX for the 2009 Texas Biennial