Photo Galleries: Artworks by Bill Davenport, listed by date.

Stealth Fighter Pinata at Arthouse, Austin, TX, 2007

Stone Fireplace at Vine St. Studios, Houston, TX, 2007

Treasure Chest, 2006

Wagon Wheel at Inman Gallery, Houston, TX, 2006

Forever Rafter at Inman Gallery, Houston, TX, 2006

Cuckoo Clock at New Texas Painting, Diverseworks, Houston, TX, 2005

Dark Door at Houston Arts Alliance, 2004

Poetry of the Thirties at Inman Gallery, Houston, TX, 2004

Slow Birds at Angstrom Gallery, Dallas, TX, 2/2003

Spectaculess at Homeroom, Munich, 11/2001

Modern Blacksmith at Inman Gallery, 9/2001

Games for the Superintelligent at Inman Gallery,1999

For David Aylsworth, 2000
Meal for the Ghost of George Phineas Spencer,2000
Seafoam Pencil Holder, 1997
Mandarin Peak, 1997
Won't Fit In, 1998