November 7 - December 25, 2008:
Ludwig Schwarz: Old Medicine

"If it takes a financial disaster to wake us up and realize we have lost our humanity, then so be it. We can't start over but we can start anew." -Woman in line ahead of me at Arby's 10-23-08

Old Medicine is a sculptural survival kit with three basic components:

The coat and tails - Wash up and put on that jacket. You never know when you'll need a towel, or a jacket.

The cardboard box - This box contains the old medicine (literal) and some paintings (metaphorical). The medicine, even if outdated, could come in handy. Also, best not to underestimate the remedial power of painting. It keeps coming back... or it won't stay away.

The Collectible - The one object you love that you'll want to take with you if the shit really hits the fan.

Warning: Old Medicine is not recommended for children. Use old medicine at your own risk. Any similarity to other Old Medicine mobile kits or display units is purely coincidental. Old Medicine makes no claims to represent any parties or anything other than itself. Old medicine units can be customized to suit your individual needs and lifestyle. No claims are made that Old Medicine can actually function as a survival kit though it should be assumed that it couldn't hurt.

Opening reception Friday, November 7 from 6-9 pm at Optical Project, 1125 E 11th St., Houston, TX (near the corner of Studewood and 11th in the Heights) (map).

About the Artist: Ludwig Schwarz is a protean interventionist, making objects, paintings, video, and performances that insert themselves into society's conceptual cracks and exploit them. He lives and works in Dallas, and just last year engaged and baffled audiences with shows at the Next Art Fair, Chicago, Christina Rees' Road Agent Gallery Dallas, TX, and C. Sean Horton's Sunday gallery in New York.

About Optical Project: Optical Project is a new art space in the Heights run by Houston artist and writer Bill Davenport. Gallery hours are Saturday and Sunday 12-5, or by appointment, but since I live upstairs and work at Bill's Junk next door, you can stop by most anytime. Call 713 863-7112.