All this junk (and more!) is at the shop at 1125 E 11th St in Houston, TX. Open Saturdays 12-5 and some other times, too.
Email me if you want to buy something at I accept Visa/MC/Amex or Paypal and ship worldwide!

Price List

1. Bottle Clown on Black Background painting by CNS, $75
3. Houston Artist Robin Utterback's Studio Paint Scraper, $14
4. Maple Leaf Shelf, plywood $30
5. Embroidered Gray Girl with P by Delfina Vanucci, $19
6. Embroidered Fat Man with Bowtie by Delfina Vannucci, $18
7. Embroidered Cyborg #52 by Delfina Vannucci, $22
8. Short Black Embroidered Cyborg by Delfina Vannucci, $16
9. Unlocked Lock Collection Scavenged From Houston Streets with wooden display stand by Bill Davenport, $312
10. Celia Eberle, Lioness Attacking a Nubian, $4000
11. Lake Lucerne by Virginia Fitch, 1962, $35